Safeguarding for Team Leaders Training Course (Level 3)

Course Overview

Safeguarding and child protection is of critical importance to all young people services and for team leaders, this essential issue has additional skill requirements and knowledge. In addition to having an awareness of the principles of safeguarding and recognising actions and indicators of abuse, team leaders must know what they need to do when concerns are raised or allegations are made, who needs to be informed and what procedures need to be put into practice.

This training course focuses on the meaning of safeguarding and child protection from a team leaders perspective and the impact which abuse can have on the young person, families, support teams and organisations including practical considerations towards staffing, time, cost, documentation and confidentiality.

This training course discusses the psychological, social, sexual and physical impact of abuse and how these issues need managing, and how some children who present risky behaviours including aggression, self-harming and sexualised behaviour may need extra safeguarding support and monitoring.

This training course clarifies legislation and regulations which relate to safeguarding including the leadership and management requirements identified in the Children’s Homes Regulations (2015) and Ofsted and discusses preventative safeguarding requirements required during staff recruitment, selection and induction and the process managers need to follow when dealing with allegations or concerns of abuse. This is a Level 3 accredited course.

Course Aims

  • Understand additional team leader safeguarding responsibilities
  • Understand the impact of abuse on young people, support teams and organisations
  • Understand the legal and regulatory framework as identified by the Children’s Homes Regulations (2015) and Ofsted
  • Understand ways of leading people in promoting a safeguarding culture
  • Understand ways of working with children who challenge and increase risk
  • Understand procedures to follow and actions to take in cases of disclosers, suspicions and allegations

Course Objectives

  1. Describe additional safeguarding responsibilities for team leaders
  2. Explain and evaluate the impact of abuse on young people, families, support teams and organisations
  3. Compare different categories, actions and indicators of abuse
  4. Define the meaning of the terms 'child in need', 'looked after child' and 'significant harm'
  5. Summarise how the level of child vulnerability can vary
  6. Explain and evaluate psychological, social, sexual and physical impact of abuse and how these issues need managing
  7. Propose methods of encouraging teams to work with children to build confidence and resilience
  8. Research serious case reviews which have led to changes in child protection and safeguarding procedures in the UK
  9. Explain and evaluate the requirements of the Children's Homes Regulations (2015) in relation to safeguarding
  10. Propose ways to safeguard children who present challenging and risky behaviours including aggression sexualised behaviour, self-harming
  11. Propose ways of working with teams to understand the actions and safeguards which have to be taken when dealing with allegations made against staff
  12. Explain and evaluate how safeguarding plays a part of staff recruitment, selection, induction and probation
  13. Describe ways of promoting and maintaining a positive culture towards safeguarding including methods of disclosure and whistleblowing


The course content are accredited by the Open College Network (OCN) Credit4Learning as a Level 3 course.


Each learner completing this course will receive an accredited Level 3 certificate of learning.

Links to QCF Units

This Safeguarding for Team Leads training course is designed to meet the standards outlined in the new Children’s Homes (England) Regulations which were introduced on 1st April 2015 and can contribute to outcomes of QCF units including the National Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce and Team Leader/Management Awards. This course is also suitable for professionals who are newly into a Registered Manager position.


This Safeguarding for Team Leaders training course is designed for professionals working in the children and young people sector who have additional responsibilities in team and individual leadership which includes safeguarding, including those who are new to, or inspiring to move into team leadership roles including professionals who are newly into a Registered Manager position.


This Safeguarding for Team Leaders training course is available as in-house training at a venue of your own choice throughout the UK.

Training Course Duration

1 Day (please contact us if you require training which runs to a different timescale).

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