Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) Training (Level 3)

Course Overview

CEOP is an abbreviation for ‘Child Exploitation Online Protection’ and is led by the National Crime Agency (NCA) through the UK and overseas to identify risks and threats to children from online activity and aims to bring offenders to account.

Professionals working within children and young people need to have a good understanding of CEOP, how this links into the principles of safeguarding vulnerable children and what action to take if there are concerns that the safety of a child is at risk on line.

This training course will provide a good knowledge of CEOP, enable people to recognise risks on line, consider ways to support and encourage children to be safe on line and to know what action to take if concerns are raised.

Course Aims

  • Understand the meaning of CEOP
  • Understand the modern ‘relationship’ between children, the internet and social media
  • Understand ways young people can be vulnerable to on-line exploitation and how to recognise these
  • Understand practical ways to protect children on-line
  • Understand action to take if a child’s safety could be at risk
  • Understand methods of promoting resilience and educating young people

Course Objectives

  1. Define the meaning and purpose of CEOP
  2. Confirm the key aims of CEOP
  3. Identify organisational and professional aims in tackling online exploitation and supporting CEOP
  4. Explain the meaning of the term ‘Digital Natives’
  5. Describe how the internet and social media has developed to become an ingrained part of the life of many children and young people
  6. Evaluate the different ways children and young people use the internet and social media from a positive and critical perspective
  7. Consider differences in the way children and adults use the internet as the technology and software has evolved
  8. Identify how internet accessibility, technological advances and interactive software can increase risk and limit ability to protect children and young people
  9. Describe risks associated with the internet and social media platforms in relation to; culture, commerce, gaming, hacking, image sharing and contact / exploitation
  10. Define strategies for recognising and reducing risk when supporting vulnerable children and young people
  11. 1Consider strategies to reduce risk as far as possible
  12. Explain the procedure to follow and action to take if concerns are raised about the online safety of a child or young person
  13. Consider practical ways to safeguard children and young people including parental controls, privacy settings, GPS controls and search locks
  14. Explain ways to support children and young people to recognise and respond to concerns that they (or other children and young people) could be being abuse, exploited or bullied online
  15. Identify resources to use in the education of children and young people to stay safe online


The course content are accredited by the Open College Network (OCN) Credit4Learning as a Level 3 course.


Each learner completing this course will receive an accredited Level 3 certificate of learning.

Links to QCF Units

This Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) training course is designed to meet the standards outlined in the new Children’s Homes (England) Regulations which were introduced on 1st April 2015 and can contribute to outcomes of QCF units including the National Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce.


This Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) training course is designed for professionals who work with vulnerable children and young people and need to know more about how to recognise risks and keep children as safe as possible online.


This Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) training course is available as in-house training at a venue of your own choice throughout the UK.

Training Course Duration

1 Day (please contact us if you require training which runs to a different timescale).

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