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We provide training courses which are especially designed for foster carers and agencies and cover a range of topics with a particular focus on the role of foster carers.

We provide training on various disabilities and conditions, safeguarding, lone working, health and safety, and the administration of medication.

Specialist training on working with vulnerable and challenging young people in foster care

We also provide key specialist training in topics such as; Working with Children who have been Abused, Child Sexual Exploitation, Problematic Sexualised Behaviors, E-Safety, Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Anti-Social and Criminal Activities and Sexual Offences.

Exploring the role of men in foster care

We deliver a specialist training course ‘Men Who Care: Exploring the role of Men in Foster Care’ which focuses on the valuable role men play as foster carers whilst examining the social attitudes and the challenges surrounding expectations and stereotypes.

Meeting all of your health and safety needs

We provide a range of health and safety and food safety training courses which focus on the home environment as a place of work when foster caring and the considerations of lone working.

Training courses which are mapped to national diploma unit outcomes relevant to foster care

Our training courses are designed to meet the relevant unit outcomes of the National Diploma for the Children’s and Young Person’s Workforce (QCF) including relevant foster care unit outcomes.

Training delivered at a time and place which meets the needs of the foster care network

We understand that time is precious as a foster carer and time can be limited, and so we are able to provide training which avoids difficult times, such as school drop of and collection times and school holidays, and we can deliver training courses during the evening and at the weekend.

Please take a look through our list of relevant training courses or search for other training courses of your choice.

List of courses relevant to foster carers and foster agencies