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1 Day Course

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Where and When

Delivered at a venue of your choice throughout the UK or by tutor led remote delivery, contact us for availability.

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Accredited Course

This course is delivered by a qualified and accredited Belbin tutor.

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Course Overview

In the 1970s, Dr Meredith Belbin and his research team at Henley Management College set about observing teams, with a view to finding out where and how these differences come about. They wanted to control the dynamics of teams to discover if – and how – problems could be pre-empted and avoided.

As the research progressed, the research revealed that the difference between success and failure for a team was not dependent on factors such as intellect, but more on behaviour.

The research team began to identify separate clusters of behaviour, each of which formed distinct team contributions or “Team Roles”. A Team Role came to be defined as a cluster of behavioural attributes effective in facilitating team progress. It was found that different people displayed different Team Roles to varying degrees.

This session will help each member of the team understand their own Team Role, how their team sees them and what each individual’s strengths and weaknesses are. The facilitator will then focus on the team as a whole, helping them to identify the strengths of that team and where they can make improvements to increase cohesion and productivity. 

This session requires a small amount of pre-course work. Individuals will need to complete a “Team Roles Self-Perception Inventory” (duration approx. 15 minutes) and will need 4-6 colleagues to complete “Observer Assessments” (duration approx. 5 minutes) at least one week prior to the course.

Course Learning Outcomes

Below are the main topics covered in this course, expand each one to see the criteria.

1Understand Belbin Team Roles
  • 1.1Explain a brief history of Belbin
  • 1.2Define the difference between a group and a team
  • 1.3Describe the Team Roles story
2Understand how behaviours within a team contribute to a team’s success
  • 2.1Identify the behaviours each Team Role will likely exhibit
  • 2.2Consider how different team roles may complement each other
  • 2.3Consider how different team roles may clash with each other
  • 2.4Identify what necessary team roles and behaviours may be missing from your own team
3Understand how to correctly interpret an Individual Report
  • 3.1Explore the results of each individuals Self-Perception report
  • 3.2Explore the results of the Observers reports
  • 3.3Identify the behaviours each person will likely show in different environments
  • 3.4Analyse the Team Roles as suggested by the Individual report
4Understand how to create a positive culture within teams
  • 4.1Explore the results of the Team report, including identifying the strengths and weaknesses of that team
  • 4.2Develop a good understanding of how teams work effectively using a variety of team building activities
  • 4.3Identify how the team can develop to become more efficient and cohesive in the future


This course is delivered by a qualified and accredited Belbin tutor.

Additional Information

Training course duration

1 Day (please contact us if you require training which runs to a different timescale).

Availability of this training course

This Belbin Team Roles training course is available as in-house training at a venue of your own choice throughout the UK. Alternatively, also available remotely via a tutor led course over Zoom or MS Teams.

Audience for this course

This Belbin Team Roles training course is suitable for all sectors working with teams.

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