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3 Day Course

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Accredited Course

The course content are accredited by the Open College Network (OCN) Credit4Learning as a Level 3 course.

What are the benefits of accredited training?

Course Overview

Training is an important part of any role and sector and requires skilled, competent and professional people to be able to be able to successfully plan and deliver a course of learning. This training course provides people who have the desire and interest in training adults, with the skills and knowledge required to successfully plan, deliver and assess training courses which are relevant to their own sector.

Learners will have the opportunity to take part in the practical planning of a course of learning, set aims and objectives, demonstrate a planned learning activity and take part in the assessment of knowledge. This is a fun and interactive three-day course which can be delivered at your own chosen venue throughout the UK and is accredited as a Level 3 course.

Course Learning Outcomes

Below are the main topics covered in this course, expand each one to see the criteria.

1Day 1 - Understand the role of the trainer in the field of children and young people’s professional development
  • 1.1Define the role of the trainer throughout the process of facilitating learning
  • 1.2Describe the meaning of ‘brand you’ in the delivery of training
  • 1.3Describe ways of enhancing and promoting ‘brand you’ in your delivery techniques
2Day 1 - Understand ways to structure learning
  • 2.1Demonstrate how to structure a day of learning
  • 2.2Separate learning into manageable ‘chunks’
3Day 1 - Understand ways to plan and design courses of learning including administrative tools
  • 3.1Describe the meaning of holistic learning and assessment
  • 3.2Explain different types of learning styles
  • 3.3Identify techniques and resources used in the delivery of training including ICT
  • 3.4Identify administrative requirements including documenting attendance, learner feedback
4Day 1 - Understand ways to assess transfer of learning/assessment of knowledge
  • 4.1Define the difference between an ‘aim’ and an ‘objective’
  • 4.2Demonstrate how to set measurable aims and objectives
  • 4.3Describe different methods of assessing learner knowledge and the ‘transfer of learning’
  • 4.4Define the purpose of command verbs
5Day 2 - Understand legal and business requirements of facilitating training
  • 5.1Explain the legal requirements of facilitating training including Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, Data Protection, plagiarism and image copyright
  • 5.2Identify the purpose of training in your own sector area
6Day 2 - Understand the importance of rules in training environments
  • 6.1Explain the importance of applying rules in training environments
  • 6.2Identify rules which apply to learning environments
7Day 2 - Prepare for the delivery of a learning activity
  • 7.1Prepare resources and learning environments to meet tutor and learner requirements
8Day 3 - Demonstrate the delivery of a learning activity
  • 8.1Produce resources for use in the delivery of learning
  • 8.2Demonstrate the delivery of a learning activity against a set of aims and objectives
  • 8.3Demonstrate delivery of learning using a holistic method of assessment
9Day 3 - Demonstrate the effective assessment of knowledge
  • 9.1Demonstrate effective transfer of knowledge
  • 9.2Demonstrate the successful assessment of knowledge


The course content are accredited by the Open College Network (OCN) Credit4Learning as a Level 3 course.


Each learner completing this course will receive an accredited Level 3 certificate of learning.

Additional Information

Training course duration

This is a three day course which includes practical tasks and a demonstration of the delivery of a short session of learning.

Availability of this training course

This training course is available as in-house training at a venue of your own choice throughout the UK.

Audience for this course

This training course is designed for professionals who have a keen interest in the delivery of training courses and need to develop their knowledge of planning and delivering courses, setting of aims, objectives and assessing knowledge of learners.

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