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Autism and airport experiences...the challenges and support ideas

Over 80% of parents of children with autism spectrum conditions responded that the airport experience is a particularly daunting one according to a recent survey conducted by Airport Parking Shop.

Children with autism are likely to find airports very problematic, which is unsurprising given that it is a scenario far removed from everyday life. Queuing, security, announcements, crowds and more can all combine to make it a pretty overwhelming experience for anyone with ASD, but in particular children.

In recent years airports are beginning to step up their facilities for those with ASD – Manchester Airport is currently leading the way in the UK, with booklets available on each terminal, videos that take you through the whole process at both arrivals and departures, and wristbands that will ensure that you are fast tracked through security to avoid as much waiting around as possible.

Click here to be taken to the Airport Parking Shop blog where you can also download copies of each of the excellent terminal booklets for Manchester Airport and view videos which give a step-by-step approach to the airport process.

Click here to see a range of autism spectrum condition training courses available acorss the UK.

Created On 27/08/2017 00:00:00 by Ringway Training

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