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Blog Posts in 2018

Happy holidays from Ringway Training

Everyone at Ringway Training would like to say a huge thank you to all of our wonderful customers. We truly appreciate that you have chosen us to provide you with training for your organization and we hope that our commitment to quality has continued to shine through.

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The Benefits of Investing in the Skills and Confidence of Managers and Team Leaders

Effective management and team leading is essential in the provision of services which provide support to children and young people. This is a special skill, a craft and an art form which needs to be nurtured through time and experience. We believe that managers and team leaders need training opportunity to discuss their own management and team leading styles, learn about the theories of management, different team dynamics and motivating ways to promote positive team leadership.

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Dealing with Incidences when a Child Goes Missing from Care

When a child or young person goes missing from care it can be a distressing and upsetting time for everybody involved including family, friends and support teams. There are many different reasons why a young person may go missing from care and their level of vulnerability means that they can be at a higher risk of exploitation, abuse and becoming involved in crininalised activities.

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GDPR in Social Care

You can’t turn at the moment without hearing about GDPR, but there is a temptation to think it mainly applies to tech businesses, email marketing and social media but social care business and organisations may be surprised by how much data they actually handle – and often sensitive data.

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