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The Benefits of Investing in the Skills and Confidence of Managers and Team Leaders

We provide a range of topics which are popular as part of manager and team leader focus training and are regularly chosen as discussion subjects for away days and team building activities.

Teams can select up to four of the below subjects which are then delivered as a one day managers and team leaders focus training day;

Please note that training courses which include (*) are also available as one day training courses. We are also able to include different topics of interest which are not included on the above list.

This training is designed for managers and team leaders who need to be provided with the opportunity to discuss their management and team leadership styles, concerns and learn about the theories, principles and practices of effective team leadership. If you would like to discuss if this course is suitable for your team, please contact us on 01625 529434 or email You can also click here for more details about these training options.

Created On 05/10/2018 00:00:00 by Ringway Training

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