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Benefits of providing face to face training courses

Focusing on the topic

Tutor led training course can ensure that teams remained focused on the topic with fewer distractions and interruptions, away from their usual working environment where the chances of being distracted by other work issues and colleagues can be prevented.

Discussing issues with colleagues

E-learning can be useful for very straight forward topics with ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers, but many of the training topics in the young people, education and disabilities sector require much more focus on human soft skills and the success of the training will thrive on the opportunity for teams to discuss their experiences and questions.

Sharing ideas

Face to face training enables people who may have had similar experiences to share their ideas, thoughts and opinions and to gain new ideas and views from others.

Rewarding achievement

Providing staff training shows that you care about people’s development and can help retain staff, whilst taking teams out of their usual working environment and dedicating time and energy into the face to face training process, demonstrate the value the company puts on training, which can encourage teams to take the training seriously.

Getting people together

The usual working environment can be busy and by taking time out for face to face training, it can enable people to spend some valuable time together as team members to reflect on their work, experiences and develop their own positive working relationships.

Individual attention

Face to face training allows a trainer to provide individual attention to learners, and respond to separate questions. It can also enable the trainer to identify if any learners may be experiencing any challenges with training and provide additional support and guidance.


E-learning can provide an efficient method of training for many subjects, but there are qualities which can be gained from face to face training in specialists subjects which can promote emotive thoughts, human responses and individual ways of providing high quality standards.

Created On 21/08/2019 00:00:00 by Ringway Training

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