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Benefits of in-house training

Training cost savings

Whilst its easy to think in-house training by an external company might stretch budgets, its worth thinking again, cost per head is typically from just £30. In addition to this, you don’t have to pay for the travel and possible accommodation costs to get your employees to an external training centre, this could save you a significant amount.

Tailored training for you

Running an in-house training course allows the training to be a lot more focussed on the specific subjects and skills that are relevant to your business.  Public scheduled courses and e-learning will often be generic for businesses of any sector or size that attend them.

We can use current work examples

Training In-House means the courses can be prepared to fix your individual issues using real life examples and therefore have the most effect.  People will be able to think about current work or examples of work which relates to their roles not a generic example.


Organising training for a group of people all with their own schedules can be a very difficult task. However by having In-House training courses in your own building it can make working around people’s schedules a lot easier people can be easily reached if something urgent crops up.  Plus its in an environment people know and are familiar with which is more relaxing and productive learning environment.

Encourage interaction and team building

Having a room of people from different teams and levels can encourage team work and communication. This is a great result as it is often in this social learning that the most learning is done when ideas are being bounced off each other. This will also likely lead to increased awareness and understanding of each other’s roles as well as staff morale.

Created On 09/06/2019 00:00:00 by Ringway Training

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