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The business case for training your teams

Increased productivity

If your teams know their role and are well trained then productivity will increase and skills will develop further through experiences. The manufacturing industries have followed this principle for many years and the health and social care, education and young people’s services are now working towards the same principle.

Staff retention

Investing in teams will demonstrate a genuine interested in developing their skills and as a result they often stay longer and dedicate energy to their role. Recruiting replacement staff is expensive, time consuming and can be unsettling for an established team and it is much better to train and retain your best people to ensure that they always have a fresh approach to their work and continue to feel valued.

Decrease need for supervision

The better trained a team can be, the fewer requirements there is for managers to provide continual supervision. The best trained team will be able to take the skills they have learned, apply these into their working practices and become more confident as a result.

Increase safety to decrease work-related illnesses

Maintaining good mental health is essential in ensuring teams remain productive, healthy and safe, with courses in areas such as incident debriefing, supervising contact and managing allegations. This protects not only the team member, but also the organisation as people are aware of how to manage work situations, seek help and advice and identify with mental health and wellbeing issues.

Increase job satisfaction, morale and motivation among employees

Training can increase the wellbeing of employees and reduces absenteeism, mistakes and stress in the workplace, which can ensure that the working environment and teams remain reliable, familiar and productive.

Enhancing the company’s image, and attractiveness

PR and reputation is increasingly important and bad experiences can spread rapidly on social media, and so demonstrating evidence of planned staff training is an important part of promoting the companies dedication to teams and remaining attractive and desirable for new business opportunities. 

Created On 06/08/2017 00:00:00 by Ringway Training

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