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The role of recruitment and selection in safeguarding, the new 2015 children's homes regulations and the importance of getting it right...exactly right!

Effective and well planned recruitment and selection is an essential way of ensuring that the right people are employed in the right post role and are able to meet the job specification set out by an employer.

This is an crucial part of making sure we keep children and young people safe and is, rightly so, a definite focus point for Ofsted, where services need to be able to evidence everything they have done during recruitment to check the status of new supporters.

Ofsted will inspect regulation 32 (Fitness of Workers) and regulation 33 (Employment of Staff) of the Children's homes regulations 2015 and services need to be able to demonstrate process are in place for attaining and actioning references, providing induction, probation and completing supervisions.

It is also equally important that people involved in the recruitment and selection process have knowledge of the wide range of employment legislation which determines the methods employers use to recruit staff members and remain able to justify their actions at all times.

We provide a specialist training course which identifies the different types of UK legislation relating to recruitment and selection and how these can specifically apply, including data protection, freedom of information and equality legislation. The course confirms key terms and meanings of the recruitment and selection process, including the production of job descriptions, person specifications, role advertisements and interview requirements.

The course also confirms current Ofsted and Children's Homes Regulations (2015) requirements for recruitment, selection, induction, training and qualifications and identifies the importance of clear probationary periods and issues relating to conduct or performance.

This training course is available as in-house training at your own chosen venue throughout the UK. Click here for further details and to contact us.


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