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What Is Asperger Syndrome?

Challenges with building and maintaining social friendships and relationships

Many people with Asperger syndrome find nonverbal communication difficult to understand, for example, body language, gesture and body positioning, and often mis-understand unwritten social rules such as respect for personal space.

Often people will misunderstand the ‘unwritten rules of conversation’ including forming a two way conversation without dominating the discussion, seeing issues from another person’s point of view and accepting when discussions do not follow their own view.

Difficulty with communication

People with Asperger syndrome may often appear to be very articulate and have good verbal communication skills, however they may find it difficult in taking notice or having an interest in their listener’s reaction or input into the conversation. For example, they may continue talking past the point that the listener is interested or may appear insensitive to their listener’s feelings.

The need for routine and structure

People with Asperger syndrome may prefer to order their day according to a set pattern and may become anxious if this is altered due to uncontrollable factors. This could include the order of work tasks, lunchtime, bus or train times etc.

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