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World Mental Health Day 2019

Here at Ringway Training we’re marking World Mental Health day on the 10th October 2019 by show casing some of the great work our customers have been doing this year and provide some advice on the kind of training that may be suitable for your organisation. 


The profile of mental health and mental wellbeing has had a big rise in 2019, there is much more awareness about it both in the general population and within business and organisations.    Many of our customers are realising the value of looking after their staff’s mental health to help improve morale, reducing absenteeism and most importantly improve the services they offer.   One of the problems is the scope of mental health can seem huge and confusing.  How do you know where to start with so many topics out there? – it can get really confusing.


Mental Health in Social Care and Education.

We are specialist training provider within social care and education particularly for young people’s services and foster care agencies and many of our courses have elements of mental health in them and so we can help you determine what training will be most effective .   Whilst there would obviously be overlap you can split these in to two broad categories

  1. Mental health of the people being supported and in your care
  2. The mental health of your staff and volunteers.


Lets take a look at the mental health of the people being supported and in your care.   This will depend on the people you work with, but general mental health awareness is a must for everyone,  we also have courses in bullying, self harm and challenging behaviour and others too, if you’re not sure what would work best for you just get in touch.


When it comes to looking after your staff or volunteers,  it’s important to get the basics right such as well managed teams and people feeling valued and respected at work all helps to ensure the working environment feels good to people.    Specific training on Mental Health can greatly enhance understanding and broader thinking so general mental health awareness is definitely a good idea, but we also have an incident debriefing course which can really help staff deal with, reflect and learn from difficult incidents that can happen at work.


We’re looking forward to the year ahead continuing to work with our existing and new customers to deliver their mental health training.

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