We pride ourselves on our training delivering good feedback and always review this to continually improve our courses. Below are a selection of comments from both clients and people attending our courses

A great course which has provided me with plenty of ideas and practical solutions for implementing debriefing for staff within our organisation.

This is an excellent course, that focused on an important but often neglected area of practice. The training was a helpful and productive day!

This was the best training experience I have had for a long time! (Drug, Substance and Alcohol Abuse Level 3)

This course was incredibly informative and extremely well presented. Everyone who works with vulnerable young people and adults should attend. (Drug, Substance and Alcohol Abuse Level 3)

More training should be delivered in this way - it was meaningful and specific without being overwhelming. (Drug, Substance and Alcohol Abuse Level 3)

Thank you for a very informative course, you have given me lots of ideas for things I am going to implement in my work. (Working with Challenging Behaviour Level 3)

I thoroughly enjoyed the training, thanks for a great event! (Working with Challenging Behaviour Level 3)

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt it complimented my ongoing Level 3 qualification which I am currently studying. (Safeguarding Children and Young People Level 3)

This course is more informative than previous safeguarding training which I have attended and is essential to anybody who works with children and young people. (Safeguarding Children and Young People Level 3)

A really enjoyable course and a great help! Thank you so much. (Autism Spectrum Conditions Level 3)

This was a very high standard of course! (Autism Spectrum Conditions Level 3)

An excellent course which was very informative. (Autism Spectrum Conditions Level 3)

The trainer was very pleasant and well informed and went above and beyond all of our expectations. (Data Protection and Confidentiality Level 3).

This course was a great insight into Autism. (Autism Spectrum Conditions, Level 3)

I really enjoyed the course, it was very useful and encouraging. (Autism Spectrum Conditions (Level 3))

Very interesting and enjoyable, the topic was explained in great detail and I will take a lot away with me about what I have learned. Thank you! (Autism Spectrum Conditions (Autism Awareness) Level 2 Training Course , February 2016).

Very informal and interesting, well presented and professional. (Autism Spectrum Conditions (Autism Awareness) Level 2 Training Course , February 2016).

The best course I have ever attended! (Autism Spectrum Conditions (Autism Awareness) Level 2 Training Course, February 2016).

Excellent training, delivered at a pace and level relevant to our organisation. (Safeguarding Children and Young People Training, December 2015).

Good and informative session, allowing all participants to take part in discussions and to ask questions. (Safeguarding Children and Young People Training, December 2015).

Excellent training, a good presentation and a valuable exchange of information. (Safeguarding Children and Young People Training, December 2015).

Enthusiastic delivery, a good use of resources and I gained skills and knowledge which I did not have before. (Safeguarding Children and Young People Training, December 2015).

A really good course, thorough and informative. (Safeguarding Children and Young People Training, December 2015).

Very useful and informative, considering I have never had any training in safeguarding before. (Safeguarding Children and Young People Training, December 2015).

Excellent training session, really useful to refresh staff knowldge and awareness. Thank you! (Safeguarding Children and Young People Training, December 2015).

The training was laudable and the trainer was friendly. (Mental Health Awareness Training, November 2015).

Very informative – I look forward to more training with Ringway! (Mental Health Awareness Training, November 2015).

The trainer was excellent! This was the most useful training I have ever had! Thank you! (Autism, Asperger syndrome and Mental Health Training, October 2015).

This is essential training for anyone in a public facing role. (Autism, Asperger syndrome and Mental Health Training, October 2015).

Excellent session, very bespoke and tailored for us. (Autism, Asperger syndrome and Mental Health Training, October 2015).

The training was fantastic, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. (Children Missing from Care Training, October 2015).

A fantastic course, clear to understand and the trainer made it enjoyable. (Child Sexual Exploitation Training, October 2015).

This was best training I have had in a long while! I understand more about autism and the effects. (Autism Spectrum Conditions Training, October 2015).

The trainer used a very clear presentation and I felt included. The training was enjoyable and informative. (Autism Spectrum Conditions Training, October 2015).

An excellent introduction into autism! Thank you. (Autism Spectrum Conditions Training – October 2015)

A very good, clear understanding about autism. (Autism Spectrum Conditions Training – October 2015)

Great course, great trainer and very interesting! (Autism Spectrum Conditions Training – October 2015)

A nicely placed day, the contact was relevant and easy to follow, with just the right amount of group work. (Autism and ADHD Training Course).

The trainer was very friendly and made the course thoroughly enjoyable. (Autism and ADHD Training Course).

The best course we have had in a long time and would look forward to doing further courses with this trainer. (Autism and ADHD Training Course).

An informative course, interesting and well presented. The trainer got everyone involved.

Excellent training package with a friendly and knowledgeable trainer. We are looking forward to moving this topic forward at our school. (Incident Debriefing Training).

Brilliant! I would highly recommend this training to my colleagues (Autism Spectrum Conditions for Social Care Assessment Teams).

Excellent course, well delivered and good content (Incident Debriefing Training).

Very enjoyable and I learned a lot! (Autism Spectrum Conditions Training, October 2015)

Dealing with the delicate subject of child sexual abuse, the trainer made the topic interesting and created a comfortable learning environment. The use of interesting activities and resources kept everyone engaged and, by the end of the session when reflecting on the day, myself and my team realised that we had learned about an emotional and challenging subject without feeling uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend this training and trainer to any organisation which needs to expand on child safeguarding into the more specific issues around supporting young people who have experienced sexual abuse. (Supporting Abused Children Training for London Borough Care Services in London).

Perfect training, excellent ways to make the topic interesting but with no role play which is the way I prefer it to be because you can participate in a way which you feel comfortable without being under pressure. The training was delivered in a clear way with easy to understand handouts. Thank you! (Advanced Autism Training for Origin Housing in Euston, London in December 2014).

Although this was a serious topic [drug and alcohol abuse] it was made fun and engaging. I am now certainly more aware of how to support and signpost a person with drug and alcohol challenges. (Drug, Substance and Alcohol Abuse Training for MCCH in London).

The skills and tips which I have learned from this session alone will help me to deal with more challenging issues in the future. I thought i would have been aware of how to deal with situations but I didn't realise how differently I should have been conducting the interactions with these callers. (Autism and Mental Health Training for the Information Commissioner's Office in Cardiff).

One of the best training sessions I have attended in a long time! Excellent! (Autism and Mental Health Training for the Information Commissioners Office)

The training was adapted to meet the needs of our client group, which made the event especially interesting and enjoyable. Thank you! (Autism and Safeguarding People Training for First Strart Tower Projects in London).

I have learned a lot about how to best support a person with dementia. The course has been very useful and interesting. Thank you. (Dementia Training for MCCH in London).

The trainer delivered the course very well and kept everyone interested and involved throughout. (Dementia Training for MCCH in London).

Excellent and relevant information, giving a great insight into the condition. I learned lots about possible approaches to working with people with Prader Willi syndrome. (Prader Willi syndrome Training for Aitch Care in Essex).

Very interesting topic and a good blend of delivery methods. The trainer was excellent and I learned a lot. (Drug, Substance and Alcohol Abuse Training for MCCH in London).

Really fantastic training! I got every skill which I needed from it! Thank you! (Prader Willi syndrome Training for Aitch Care in London).

The best ever training, delivered in a way which really helped me to understand and learn new skills. Thank you! (Advanced Autism Training for Kirklees Council)

I would also like to say that the training Mark provides from Ringway is fantastic the whole group really enjoyed the training and we all learnt something new but he made a rather dry subject very enjoyable and interactive.

The training is excellent!...I've never had such good feedback from the staff

The feedback from my team was really positive. We had previously had this training provided by a large well known company and our staff said that your teaching style and course content, along with knowledge gained through work experiences, provided a more productive learning experience.

Mark Mallender is dedicated professional who is flexible and provides excellent value for money. Mark has connected individually with all of our people I would recommend him unequivocally to anyone looking for training in this field

The Autism training we have had was excellent and really informative. It was exactly what we were looking for and I will happy recommend you to other services. Thank you!

The course was delivered in a relaxed, approachable way, with a positive atmosphere and Mark gave plenty of opportunities to ask questions and be involved. There was also no role play which I was pleased about! I really enjoyed the day! Thank you!

Mark is always friendly, out going and enthusiastic. He went out of his way to make me feel included in the activities of his team and we worked together on several events. He is extremely dedicated and hard working. He was a pleasure to work with - a great team player!

I have a lot more knowledge after this training day and Mark made me feel relaxed and involved. I really enjoyed the learning activities and the style of which the training ran.

I have gained valuable knowledge about Autism and this has been a very pleasant learning experience. The course was very engaging and all of the activities were fun and interesting.

Mark was very informative, involved groups and listened to everyone’s comments. Everyone was involved in the training, and there were interesting activities, tasks and discussion. Mark is a very knowledgeable and approachable trainer.

Mark is a true professional and fun with it! Myself and my team had a wonderful day and I will be asking Mark back for more of the same soon!

The training was designed exactly to our needs and met all of our objectives. Mark was engaging, interesting and professional.

Mark helped us to understand that we can all work together with the same aim to achieve a great service for our young people.

I finally learned what all the different words [about the Mental Capacity Act] mean – Mark explained everything really well!

Mark made sure I was included in the training session and had the chance to take part in activities and talking about my experiences. The course was interesting, fun and thought provoking.

The course met our needs ideally, and was designed especially for our use, which was wonderful! I will certainly use Ringway Training for our future training and would recommend Mark to any organisation.

Mark was excellent and I now feel far more confident at putting my knowledge into practice. Mark made sure that everyone in the group was involved in a way which they felt best and was very adaptable to the needs of the group, which was great!

The training session included some great debates about the issues we were discussing and there were good activities and group tasks. Mark is a great tutor and has an open, welcoming manner.

The course has been very interesting and I have learned a lot. Mark made the course fun and relaxed.

The training was relaxed, fun and informative, and Mark made the group work and discussions very interesting. I would definitely recommend Mark for your training needs.

Great value for money at a competitive price, and my staff team really enjoyed the day. I will be using Mark and Ringway Training for my future needs and it proves that you can get great quality at a reasonable price! Thank you!

Everyone had the opportunity to participate and we worked in small groups which I enjoy. Mark was very interesting and was able to reflect on his own practice whilst making this relevant to our work.

The course was well presented with an excellent structure, informative and the hand outs were great. Mark was really interesting and presented the course in an engaging manner.

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